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General Rules and Regulations

  1. The entry gate shall be kept closed at non-scheduled events. 
  2. All lights are to be turned off, equipment returned to proper storage locations, and all buildings shall be secured upon exiting premises. 
  3. Premises shall be policed before leaving; leave it cleaner than you found it. 
  4. When leaving premises, ensure the gate closes. 
  5. Pets should be kept on a leash at all times. 
  6. Minor children shall be under adult supervision at all times. 
  7. No holes or impressions are to be made in the blacktopped outdoor firing line. 
  8. Absolutely no climbing, mining, or digging on the outdoor backstops. 
  9. No targets are to be placed on the outdoor backstops. 
  10. Member may bring a guest no more than two times in a calendar year at non-scheduled events. An individual guest may visit no more than 6 times in a calendar year at non-scheduled events. 
  11. Guests must sign guest waiver for each visit. Member is responsible for ensuring guest waiver is signed.
    a. Members are responsible for guest behavior while on the property. 
  12. Key card use is restricted to the assigned member only. 
  13. Maintaining current NRA membership is required for MCRC membership. 
  14. Renewing members must complete 4 work hours each year toward the good of the club. 
  15. Fireworks, automatic firearms (including bump stock type devices), and explosive targets are prohibited.* 
  16. Fires are prohibited, without permission of executive committee. 
  17. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the premises.* 
  18. Speed limit is 15 MPH. 
  19. Camping by Executive Board permission only. 
  20. Smoking is prohibited inside buildings and within 8 feet of entryway of buildings. 
  21. Hunting is not allowed on club property. Poaching will result in immediate expulsion.* 
  22. Gunpowder must be kept in a closed and covered container anywhere on the premises

Safety Rules

  1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. 
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. 
  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
    a. Whenever you handle a firearm, the first thing you should do (while keeping it pointed in a safe direction with your finger outside the trigger guard) is to open the action to determine whether or not the firearm is loaded. 
  4. Know your target and what is beyond.
    a. Always verify target and surrounding area are safe before firing. 
  5. Know how to operate the firearm safely. 
  6. Handle all firearms as if they are loaded. LRS 2018-09-25 
  7. Be sure the firearm is safe to operate. Before discharging your firearm, you should routinely make sure that your firearm is in good working order and that the barrel is clear of dirt and obstructions. 
  8. Only use ammunition recommended by the firearm manufacturer, and always be certain that the ammunition matches the caliber or your firearm. 
  9. When the firing line is active, quality ear and eye protection must be worn by shooters and observers. 
  10. Never use alcohol, over-the-counter, prescription, or other drugs before or while shooting. 
  11. Store firearms unloaded and secured in safe storage cases so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. Control access, as necessary, to your firearms while downrange. 
  12. Thoroughly read the instruction manual supplied with your firearm. 
  13. The transportation of firearms is regulated by Federal, State, and local laws. Always transport your firearm in a safe, unloaded condition and in accordance with applicable laws. 
  14. When multiple parties are shooting, they shall shoot from the same firing line.

Range Commands

  1. Commands issued by Range Officers must be obeyed immediately and without question. 
  2. When the command “CEASE FIRE” or “STOP” is given:
    a. Stop shooting immediately
    b. Remove your finger from the trigger
    c. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
    d. Wait for further instructions from the range officer 
  3. When the line is declared “CLEAR:”
    a. All firearms must be unloaded, benched, grounded, or holstered, with the action open, cylinder or ejection port up, or verified “CLEAR” by the safety officer and the magazine removed.
    b. Everyone must step back from the firing line and, at the discretion of the Range Officer; No firearms may be handled while the line is “CLEAR.”

Range Rules

  1. General:

    a. Only target frames provided by the club or approved by the executive committee may be used on the ranges.
    b. Absolutely no unauthorized targets shall be used, including, but not limited to: tannerite, member supplied steel targets, reactive target balls, etc. Acceptable Member provided targets consist of biodegradable clay targets, paper, or vinyl type targets and targets approved by the executive board* c. All shots shall be directed into the backstop. DO NOT fire over the backstop. Use the appropriate size target, placed at eye level to ensure that your shots strike the backstop and not the ground, floor, ceiling, or target holder.
    d. Incendiary, tracer, or armor piercing ammunition of any kind is prohibited.* LRS 2018-09-25
    e. Use of full automatic firearms, .50 BMG cartridges, bump stocks, or bump triggers are prohibited on any range.
    f. No loaded firearm is to be removed from the firing line.
    g. When a scheduled event is held on any range, no other firing may be done on that range without the express consent of the Range Officer.
    h. When more than one shooter is using the range on a non-scheduled basis, one member shall be selected to act as Range Officer. First to arrive has priority.
    i. Firing shall be from the designated firing lines and at right angles to the backstop at all times.
    j. All firearms not being used on the line shall have the action open, and to any observer, be obviously unloaded and safe, other than as directed by the Range Officer.
    k. No cross-draw holster may be used.
    l. All “brass” (steel, aluminum, or brass) must be collected and placed in can / bucket for disposal by shooters. 

  2. Indoor Range:

    a. Shooters using jacketed bullets do so at their own risk.
    b. Rifle usage on the indoor range is restricted to: .22 cal. Rim fire (short, long, or long rifle); or the following pistol / carbine calibers: 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, .38/.357, .40 S&W, and commonly available Cowboy Action calibers.
    c. Rifle caliber pistols, including, .30 Carbine and 5.7x28 mm, are prohibited on the indoor range. Also, bottle-necked cartridges are prohibited, except for: .357 SIG, 7.62mm Tokarev, .38-40, .44-40, .32-20, .30 Luger, and .30 Mauser. Specifically prohibited cartridges are: .50AE, .480 Ruger, .454 Casull, .460 S&W, .500 S&W and .45-70.*
    d. Multi-projectile cartridges or shot shells are prohibited on the indoor range. i. No shotgun usage allowed on the indoor range.
    e. Black powder or black powder substitutes are prohibited on the indoor range.
    f. All indoor handgun shooting is to be directed to the backstop, upper tier.
    g. While shooting on indoor range, ventilation use is required. 

  3. Outdoor Range:

    a. Only biodegradable clay targets are to be used for any purpose.
    b. Smoking is prohibited on any firing line and near any gunpowder or loading equipment in use on the premises.
    c. Outdoor shooting hours are official sunrise to official sunset. Please remember to be respectful to our neighbors.
    d. Rifle range steel shall not be moved and shall be used from existing location at 100 and 200 yards. e. Orange safety flag must be prominently displayed on the outdoor firing line when individuals are downrange.

    * Rules marked with an “*” are considered “serious and significant” and any willful violation will result in immediate termination of club rights and referral to executive committee for expulsion.

    ** Scheduled events may modify Michigan City Rifle Club rules on a temporary basis, with the approval of the executive committee.
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