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Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for your interest in the Michigan City Rifle Club!

The Club is celebrating our 85th anniversary in 2020. It became officially associated with the National Rifle Association in 1935. In 1950, after many years of using various facilities (including the South Shore Car Barns), the club purchased the present property. With volunteer labor and no-interest loans from the membership, the land was cleared. Construction of the present facilities followed.

To this day, the Club is dependent upon active participation by the membership in shooting activities (and events), and volunteer time and effort for maintenance and improvements. This is our means of keeping the dues within the means of anyone truly interested in, and dedicated to the shooting sport.

To apply for membership, the CURRENT APPLICATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED ONLINE along with the applicable application fee. You should attend the next General Membership meeting. This meeting occurs on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. You MUST attend a monthly meeting in order to be considered for membership. The completed application must be accompanied by the applicable amount of dues (see attached schedule of fees and dues), an initiation fee for new members, and proof of NRA membership. An APPLICANT does not have voting privileges or a key-card to the premises.


  1. Attend and Pass the Club-Conducted Safety Course.
  2. Attend a Club Facility Indoctrination Session.
  3. Participate in at least two (2) shooting activities, observed by 2 different Club Officers.
  4. Contribute to the maintenance or improvements of the facilities or contribute to the welfare of the organization.
  5. Perform 8 volunteer work hours, or pay $30.00 per work hour.
  6. Submit the completed REQUEST FOR TRANSFER from Applicant to Full Member to the Membership Director at the next regular scheduled meeting with ALL REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED and attested to/signed by at least two Officers or Division Heads of the Club.
  7. Pay applicable DUES on time and furnish proof of current NRA Membership.
  8. Be 18 years of age, or older.

THE REQUEST FOR TRANSFER is reviewed by the Membership Director. If all requirements have been met, a YES NO secret ballot vote by the Full Members present will be conducted. If an Applicant receives NO votes from 20% of the members voting, or 3 NO votes, whichever number is greater, the Applicant shall be rejected, and so notified by the Membership Director. In that instance, all monies paid by the Applicant will be returned. If an Applicant is accepted, he/she becomes a FULL MEMBER, with all the rights and privileges that membership enjoys. 

We hope that meeting these requirements will acquaint you with the club and instill in you a sense of pride in the Club and enjoyment in an activity in which you have chosen to invest your time and interest. Please feel free to contact any Officer of the Club for more information or if you have questions.

Upon acceptance as an Applicant, you will receive additional information from the Membership Director following the General membership meeting. This information will be helpful to you in fulfilling your requirements for Full Membership and in completing the Safety Course and the Facility Indoctrination Session. Copies of the By-Laws are available from the Secretary.

NRA Membership Information

Michigan City Rifle Club, Inc. is a NRA-affiliated club, and requires a current membership in the NRA to obtain full membership. If an applicant does not have a current membership, the Club has two options available to assist the applicant in obtaining or renewing their membership:

  2. IN PERSON - The Membership Director can also enroll an applicant in the NRA, as well as renewing expired memberships.

By obtaining or renewing a membership through either of the above options, additional support for Michigan City Rifle Club will be generated through commissions.

A receipt of the transaction (or email) with the membership number will be accepted as proof of membership if a membership card has not arrived. The address label from one of the current NRA magazines (America's 1st Freedom, American Rifleman or American Hunter) will also be accepted as proof of NRA membership.


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