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Long Range Precision Rifle

Michigan City Rifle Club’s Monthly Long Range Rimfire Rifle match is held the last Saturday of each month, April through November, weather permitting. Setup begins at 9 am. Sign-up ends at 9:30 am. Shooter meeting at 9:30 am. First shots downrange at 10:00 am and the match is usually done by 1:00 pm.

The main course of fire will be shot on the 200 yard range and will consist of 4 separate strings.  We will also have a 5th string shot at a KYL target rack located on the 100 yard range. There will be time allotted to verify scope dope prior to the 1st string. Scoring is 1 point per hit on steel. 

·       String 1 is 10 shots within 2 minutes at a 1” target located at 50 yards

·       String 2 is 10 shots within 2 minutes at a 2” target located at 100 yards

·       String 3 is 10 shots within 2 minutes at a 3” target located at 150 yards

·       String 4 is 10 shots within 2 minutes at a 4” x 6” target located at 200 yards

·       String 5, shot on the 100 yard range, a maximum of 8 shots within 2 minutes at the KYL target located from between 50 and 100 yards.  If you miss a target on the KYL rack, you lose all your KYL points. Stop shooting when you Know Your Limit.

Recommend equipment:

·       A rifle scope

·       A spotting scope

·       Front and rear bags, bipod and rear bag, front rest and rear bag

·       You can bring your own table, but MTM shooting benches will be available.


·        One piece rests.  You must use separate front and rear supports.

·        No prone shooting allowed. This is a benchrest match.

·       17 HMR, 22 WMR, or any rimfire that is NOT .22 LR.

MCRC match fees:

·       Members $5

·       Non-Member $10

·       Juniors $5

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