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Defensive Pistol Division
Thanks for your interest in our Wednesday night defensive pistol match.

Equipment is simple:

-Centerfire pistol or revolver in good working order, 9mm/.38 special or larger. No porting or “race guns” are allowed, slide mounted dot sights and mounted weaponlights are acceptable. 

-Three magazines or speedloaders. Four is better. Standard capacity magazines may be used, but are downloaded to 10 rounds. 

-50 rounds of ammunition, but bring 100. Reloads are fine. No armor piercing, incendiary, tracer, or multi-projectile loads are allowed. 

-STRONG SIDE belt holster (OWB or IWB) that does not collapse when the gun is removed. We do not allow any type of cross draw, ankle, small of the back, or shoulder holsters. 

-Carriers for your magazines or speedloaders are helpful, but not required. 

-Appropriate eye and ear protection. 

If you have not shot organized IDPA/USPSA or similar competition before (or in the past two years) we require you observe a minimum of one evening before we allow you to shoot. 

Start time is 6pm CST, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to have a short safety brief. No pre-registration is required. The match ends when all shooters have completed the courses of fire, usually around 8:30, but occasionally later. All needed targets are provided. 

For more information, contact  Division Heard Jeremy Van Gieson at inglockwetrust9@comcast.net, or Shannon Swisher at (219) 380-9239, Scipio1819@yahoo.com 

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